Friday Finds: Music – Zoe Mulford

Will have a general update later today, but for now, in the interests of 1) updating here on a more regular basis, and 2) making this journal about slightly more than just me and whatever I’m doing, I’ve decided to use Fridays to post links to interesting writing/music/art/whatever I happen across that I think deserves a signal boost, even if it’s only the tiny one I can offer here.

I’m starting off with singer/songwriter Zoe Mulford, whose work I first heard at a local music festival several years ago. To listen to her songs is to listen with a perpetual lump in your throat — and yet wind up smiling. Her lyrics have the trick of being both accessible and inevitable, without feeling forced, and in her songwriting she seems equally at home with poignance and humor.

You can listen to a few of her songs on her website:

And you can find a list of her albums (available from CD Baby and, for the two earlier ones, from iTunes) here: