New story online: “Best of Breed”

My show name is Silver Willow, but he calls me Mina. The first two things I remember are my mother’s scent and his.

Mina’s feline charms win ribbons at the shows, but the titles she’s awarded mean nothing to her beyond pleasing her human handler. When he’s happy, so is she — until betrayal breaks her world open and leaves her questioning who she really is.

My short story “Best of Breed” appears in the first issue of Allasso, a new magazine of anthropomorphic art and literature from Pink Fox Publications that’s being published both online and in a print version. Volume 1, “Shame,” just went live on the first of this month, and “Best of Breed” was the winner of this issue’s Editor’s Choice awards both for best story and best overall piece — which is a bit ironic, given the setting of the story.

You can find the issue here:

(I should mention that “Best of Breed” does contain some mature themes and language, so I’d recommend it for older teens and up.)

As always, comments/discussion welcome, whether here, on the story’s page, or privately. 🙂

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