Just a general update…

…now that the power’s back on. We got hit by the derecho in the midwest/mid-Atlantic Friday night, so our power (and then the phone/Internet) was down until yesterday afternoon. Living without power (read: air conditioning) wasn’t much fun, but the worst part is that since we have a well (and our generator isn’t powerful enough to run the well pump), being without power also meant being without running water for more than 72 hours. >_< Yeah. That was lovely. Normally I fill up the bathtub when I see storms coming in, but this one took me by surprise, so instead we kept our dehumidifer running with the generator, and used that water to flush with. Water drained from the coolers (that were holding the stuff from the fridge) became water for washing, and bottled water took care of drinking and brushing teeth. All in all, I have a new appreciation for the blessing it is to be able to turn on a faucet and have essentially an endless supply of clean, drinkable water.

As far as creative exploits go, the other irritant is that thanks to the combination of my procrastination and the outage, I missed sending in an entry to Writers of the Future this quarter, and I also never finished what was going to be a last-minute submission to the Rocky Mountain Fur Con conbook. Oh, well. For WotF, at least, there's always next quarter…

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