Interview from August

I’ve been going back through my entries here on Dreamwidth (possibly getting ready to move this blog to another site; we’ll see), and I just realized that though I must have posted it to Twitter, I never posted the link here to my second interview with Jon Gibbs, after winning his Meager Puddle of Limelight Award for Best Short Story Title this year.

In this case, my winning title was “The Bear with the Clockwork Heart,” though the story wound up actually published under the title “The Bear with the Quantum Heart”.

The interview was originally posted August 1st and can be read here:


Black Static #29 now in ebook format

The issue of Black Static containing my horror/dark fantasy short story “Horseman” is now available as an ebook from Amazon:

And from Smashwords:

Either way, the price is the same ($4). You can read a couple reviews of the issue here and here.