Ceci n’est pas un blog

(With apologies to René Magritte.)

Since this is something of a new start for my online blogging, I figure something of an introduction — beyond the bio on the About page — is in order.

First, I don’t really consider this a ‘blog’ in the most formal sense. I’m not writing articles here, I’m not trying to get famous through my blog to get a book deal, and I’m not banging away at this keyboard with the goal of building up a huge following to sell books. (Not saying that last part wouldn’t be nice, but it’s not the goal.) You won’t find articles here on how to write; there are tons of awesome blogs for that kind of thing already, and I’m less interested in talking just to writers than I am to current and potential readers and friends (some of whom may also happen to be writers). I’m not here to teach anybody, at least not beyond whatever odd lessons one might glean from my experiences and viewpoint.

I started ‘blogging’ (it seems pretentious to keep putting that in quotes, but again, I just don’t think of this as a blog except just for the convenience of having a short word to call it) several years ago on LiveJournal. I never thought of my LJ as a blog, but as what it was advertised then — an online journal. And though I’ve drifted away from LJ since, I still think of what I’m doing here on WordPress as online journaling. It’s a platform (if a rather low one, something like 2x4s laid out on the grass) to share things I think are worth sharing, either things about myself or my work, or things online that catch my attention. I may sometimes offer opinions, but I’m not aiming to be controversial or trying to make a splash.

In short, this blog is for those who, for whatever reason, are interested either in keeping up with what I’m writing and what’s being published, and/or in keeping up with what’s going on in my creative life and sometimes my offline life as well. There will likely be more announcements and links and rambly tangents than organized, well-thought-out posts, and although I’m going to try to update a bit more often than I have in the past year or two, I know I’ll never update as often as I would like to or on any set schedule.

So if all that’s cool with you, then hi, and welcome. The plate of virtual cookies is right over there, and the kettle’s on for tea.


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