Video: The Potato Hunter

One of the things I love about the Internet is how it can bring things we loved long ago back to us. I’ve watched ’80s commercials, found Sesame Street clips I loved and hadn’t seen in decades, re-discovered books long out of print thanks to Amazon and eBay sellers, and much more.

When I was in high school, one of the premium movie channels (either Showtime or The Movie Channel; I don’t remember which now) showed animated shorts when there were long gaps between scheduled movies. I used to tune in when movie credits were rolling, if it was still fifteen minutes or so to the top of the hour, just to see what they’d show. There weren’t many outlets then for me to be able to see these kinds of short films, and two of my favorites from that time period were “The Ant Who Loved a Girl” (which I’ve not yet been able to find online, but I may have the title off), and this short, “The Potato Hunter.” The quirky subject matter and character styles really appealed to me, and all it took was a few seconds’ worth of YouTube searching to find the film again.

(Trigger warning for violence against potatoes.)


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