Publication updates

If you missed “Nevermore” when it was emailed out to subscribers, it’s now online to read at the Daily Science Fiction website:

I’ve also found out that my flash fiction piece “Nativity” was a runner-up in the quarterly Women on Writing Flash Fiction Contest. (See the full list of winners.) I admit I’m disappointed it didn’t place higher, but it was still nice to be chosen for the top ten and win a prize, and I’m looking forward to the interview on the WOW blog. At any rate, think of “Nativity” as something of an early Christmas card for my readers. 🙂


“Nevermore” at Daily Science Fiction

My flash fiction piece (or perhaps microfiction, since it’s short even by flash standards) “Nevermore” will be sent out in this Thursday’s email edition of Daily Science Fiction. (Technically, the animal involved in the story is a crow, not a raven, but… well, same family, anyway.)

If you’re not already subscribed to DSF, it’s free, and you get a daily dose of excellent f/sf in your inbox. You can subscribe right on the Daily Science Fiction website — just put in your email address in the right-hand column under “Subscribe.” (Your email won’t be shared, and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

If you don’t want to subscribe, you can still read the story when it’s posted on their website on the 15th.

Hoping to be around with more regular updates once I get back to a normal routine — husband had eye surgery on Friday, so that’s where most of my concerns have been lately…