New anthology: For All Eternity


I’ll be back soon with the obligatory year-end wrap-up blog post, but for now, I wanted to share that I have a story in the new anthology For All Eternity: Tales of the Seven Deadly Sins, published by Dark Opus Press.

As the subtitle suggests, the anthology is a collection of seven stories, each based on one of the traditional seven deadly sins. My story, “A Fragment of Shadow,” is a historical dark fantasy piece set among the master glassblowers of Italy on the island of Murano, and deals with the deadly sin with which I find myself most familiar — the sin of envy. The story took a while to find the right home, and for a time I had figured it might just become a trunk story and never be published at all, but then came this call for submissions, and the fit was perfect.

The paperback version of the anthology is now available from CreateSpace, and it looks as though an ebook via Smashwords may be coming along later on.

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