Goals for 2013

Except that technically I’m not even calling them “goals” this time around. The list in my journal is headed “Things to work on in 2013,” since they aren’t really quantifiable goals and instead are more things I’m generally aiming at and focusing on. The first two are holdovers from 2012, but the others are new:

1) Complete The Second Life of Bartholomew T. Lion. (In this case, I’m considering “complete” to mean a finished draft that’s suitable for getting critique/beta reads on. I’d love to define “complete” as “ready to start querying agents,” but that may or may not happen alongside other projects, so we’ll start with step one and go on from there.)

2) Get a professional headshot taken. (Between financial issues and the entire year mysteriously disappearing at an alarming rate, this never happened in 2012, though I did start researching local photographers to see what was available in my area and what the price range might be.)

3) Keep chasing that last pro sale that will qualify me as an active SFWA member. (If “Nevermore” had just been twice as long, I’d already be there…)

4) Work more on this blog. (In other words, make more posts than just announcements, though I think I’m still most comfortable on Twitter.)

5) Try to find a critique/writing group. Because of where I live, it would need to be online, and I’ve had various ones recommended to me over the last few years but haven’t found anything that (at least from the outside) feels like it would be a good enough fit to be worth the effort. I’m looking at groups focused on professional publication, but I’d like something small and intimate, and most of the well-known fantasy and science fiction groups just feel too large and impersonal for my taste. Granted, some days I feel like my current beta system works well enough, but sometimes I also think it’d be helpful to have a more formal group with structured requirements and such. (Got a suggestion? Let me know.)

So those are my areas to focus on in 2013. How about yours?




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