Friday Finds: Shapeshifters, Alien Parasites, and Disney Princesses

Not all in the same item, unfortunately. Even so, here a few things that caught my attention recently that I thought were worth sharing.

First, from the girl geek blog The Mary Sue, What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Actually Human. (Incidentally, if you go to Mary Sue and search for “Disney princesses,” I hope you don’t have anything pressing to do for a while — there’s an amazingly deep warren of Disney princess reinterpretations to get lost in.)

Second, two stories from Daily Science Fiction. I admit I don’t read every story that shows up in my inbox just because my inbox can get a little overwhelming during the work week (and during the weekends I’d rather stay offline as much as possible), but sometimes a title catches my attention and the story itself doesn’t let go. Here are two of those:

What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Alien Parasite by Rebecca Adams Wright (warning: disturbing content)

I Heard You Got a Cat, I Heard You Named Him Charles by M. Bennardo

Finally, the Oscars last weekend got me thinking about a bit I remembered from the Academy Awards in 1992, when Belle and the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast presented the best animated short film award. (Mainly I remembered that the Beast put on reading glasses and it was freaking adorable.) And yep, it’s on Youtube — poor quality, unfortunately, but here we are anyway.

So what interesting stuff have you found online lately — music, art, writing, cat videos…?

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