“Horseman” on Tales to Terrify

For those who might have missed “Horseman” when it first appeared in Black Static #29, it’s just been reprinted in audio format, as part of the Tales to Terrify podcast.

Check it out here in episode 61, read by Steven Howell.

Tales to Terrify March 2013 cover

(I apparently never sent them a formal bio, so it sounds like they got their info either from my “About” page on my website, or possibly my Amazon/Goodreads bios that use some of the same text. Nothing wrong with that at all; it was just kind of amusing to hear the part about Beatrix Potter being an influence when the story in question is about a freaky hellish cannibalistic horse-thing.)


4 thoughts on ““Horseman” on Tales to Terrify

  1. Loved this story, very powerful and vivid. As I said on my comments on the podcast page, it’s interesting that you’re an artist, because I found the story vividly visual. Incidenally, my story, The Anatomy of Seahorses, will be coming out on Tales at some stage, but Starship Sofa has already broadcast my tale, Dr. North’s Wound, if you are minded to check it out.
    John Dodds – author of The Kendrick Chronicles (http://www.downpour.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?available_formats=CD&q=John+Dodds)

    • Thanks; glad you liked it! To be honest, my visual art has taken a decided backseat to writing for the last decade or so, but I guess I’m still wired that way. (And there’s still a part of me that would have liked to be a screenwriter — who knows, maybe someday.) 🙂

      • I am under contract to Blackstone Audio – they do everything. This audiobook company uses people like Val Kilmer, Robin Williams and more. And they’ve been nominated for Grammy Awards, so it’s a big deal for me.

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