“The Spirit of Pinetop Inn” in Andromeda Spaceways (and other news)

Andromeda Spaceways #58 coverJust got the new issue of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine in the mail this past weekend (all the way from Australia, which means cool echidna stamps). Issue #58 includes my story “The Spirit of Pinetop Inn,” a lighthearted look at what happens when a young couple decides to hire a ghost to help drum up business for their bed and breakfast. Really enjoyed writing this one — I don’t often get to write a lot of humor in my usual fiction, and some of the dialogue during the ghosts’ job interviews was especially fun.

The full list of contributors can be found here:

And you can buy the issue in print, mobi (Kindle) format, epub, or PDF here:

I’m happy to say I also found a home recently for a short story called “The Claw in Her Heart,” which is my dark take on childhood portal fantasies (Narnia, etc.). “Claw” will be part of episode 1 of the brand-new magazine FictionVale when it comes out in mid-November — and thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, they’re going to be able to pay pro rates to the authors, which makes it even more exciting. To everyone to contributed to that Kickstarter, I (and my checking account) extend my heartfelt gratitude. 🙂

As far as the writing part of the process goes, I’ve been busy over the past several weeks on a novella I was invited to submit for an anthropomorphic-themed anthology that’s coming out in January. This makes for a September 1 deadline, so don’t expect to see much else here for a couple more weeks unless it’s just another quick announcement or the like.

Off to do my 2K word quota for today…

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