Huntress news and Rainfurrest schedule

First off, Huntress is now available for pre-order in all formats — ebook and print! The ebook will be released on September 20, and the print version is scheduled for release at Rainfurrest, with online orders to ship October 16. You can find all the ordering links and more here at my website. (Remember, the ebook’s pre-order price of $2.99 will go up after it’s officially released, so pre-order now for the best price!)

Second — Rainfurrest is now just 9 days away! I’ll be attending as the Writer Guest of Honor this year, which is awesome but means a pretty full schedule. If you’re headed to the convention, read on to see where I’ll be.

rainfurrest flyer

Here are the panels and events I’ll definitely be attending (subject to schedule changes, of course — you can always see the official online schedule here):

Thursday, September 24

6 PM – 7 PM – Opening Ceremonies
8 PM – 9 PM – Writing Competition (as writer GoH, I’m one of the judges this year)
9 PM – 10 PM – Furry Writers’ Guild Meet and Greet (I’d better be there, since I’m president and all)
10 PM – 11 PM – Cóyotl Awards ceremony

(Since “Huntress” is nominated for Best Novella at the Cóyotl Awards, I may be at the hotel bar after the ceremony, either celebrating or drowning my sorrows. We’ll see.)

Friday, September 25

9 AM – 10 AM – One Destination, Many Paths: Traditional and Self-Publishing
11 AM – 12 PM – I Cast Thee Out! Dealing with Rejection and Critique
1 PM – 2 PM – Everyone Needs a Thief and a Cleric: Tropes and Cliches in Fantasy
2 PM – 3 PM – Writing Competition
4 PM – 5 PM – Guest of Honor Reading and Q&A (Come hear me read stuff! I’m not sure what yet!)
6 PM – 8 PM – Guest of Honor Dinner and Concert

Saturday, September 26

11 AM – 1 PM – Flash Fiction Competition (Come watch me write a story from audience suggestions! In, like an hour or something! It’ll be fun! I hope!)
5 PM – 6 PM – Writing Competition
8 PM – 10 PM – Rainfurrest Anthology Book Launch (includes the launch for A Menagerie of Heroes, with my story “The Lady’s Service,” set in the world of By Sword and Star)

Sunday, September 27

4 PM – 5 PM – The Beastiarium: Writing Fantastical Creature Anatomy
5:30 PM – 6:30  PM – Closing Ceremonies

I’ll also have a table in the Dealers Den (#17), where I’ll have some copies of By Sword and Star and a few other books for sale. I’ll try to be at the table as much as I can, though it’s looking like Thursday and Sunday might be the best days to catch up with me there. (And I’m also planning to be at the ice cream social on Sunday afternoon, because hey, ice cream.)

Hope to see you there!

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