“Horseman” on Tales to Terrify

For those who might have missed “Horseman” when it first appeared in Black Static #29, it’s just been reprinted in audio format, as part of the Tales to Terrify podcast.

Check it out here in episode 61, read by Steven Howell.

Tales to Terrify March 2013 cover

(I apparently never sent them a formal bio, so it sounds like they got their info either from my “About” page on my website, or possibly my Amazon/Goodreads bios that use some of the same text. Nothing wrong with that at all; it was just kind of amusing to hear the part about Beatrix Potter being an influence when the story in question is about a freaky hellish cannibalistic horse-thing.)


Two links: Flash fiction and an interview

My flash fic “The Quiet Dark” is now online at Mustang’s Monster Corral, accompanied by another fun little piece by Ken Goldman. The timing of our submissions was a coincidence, but it looks like we’ve almost wound up with two sides of the same story. 🙂

(Read “The Quiet Dark” at Monster Corral)

In other flash-related news, the interview with me by Women on Writing has now been posted on their blog:

(Read interview)

Haven’t been doing much writing lately, but I did spend a recent afternoon doing some brainstorming/outlining for a novella I’m planning to write this spring. It looks like Camp NaNoWriMo has scheduled this year’s two sessions for April and July, so I’m figuring on getting a solid draft banged out during April…


New anthology: For All Eternity


I’ll be back soon with the obligatory year-end wrap-up blog post, but for now, I wanted to share that I have a story in the new anthology For All Eternity: Tales of the Seven Deadly Sins, published by Dark Opus Press.

As the subtitle suggests, the anthology is a collection of seven stories, each based on one of the traditional seven deadly sins. My story, “A Fragment of Shadow,” is a historical dark fantasy piece set among the master glassblowers of Italy on the island of Murano, and deals with the deadly sin with which I find myself most familiar — the sin of envy. The story took a while to find the right home, and for a time I had figured it might just become a trunk story and never be published at all, but then came this call for submissions, and the fit was perfect.

The paperback version of the anthology is now available from CreateSpace, and it looks as though an ebook via Smashwords may be coming along later on.

TTA Press’ Advent Calendar

TTA Press, publisher of Black Static, Interzone, and Crimewave, is doing a fun Advent calendar for the month of December, featuring a new link every day to a piece of flash fiction or poetry (possibly Christmas-themed, though that wasn’t a strict requirement) by one of their previous contributors. (I was in issue #29 of Black Static.)

The calendar kicked off today with a link to my flash piece “Nativity,” as well as a link to the calendar’s discussion thread:


To keep up with the contributions all month long, just go to their website and click on Interzone, Black Static, or Crimewave.


Publication updates

If you missed “Nevermore” when it was emailed out to subscribers, it’s now online to read at the Daily Science Fiction website:


I’ve also found out that my flash fiction piece “Nativity” was a runner-up in the quarterly Women on Writing Flash Fiction Contest. (See the full list of winners.) I admit I’m disappointed it didn’t place higher, but it was still nice to be chosen for the top ten and win a prize, and I’m looking forward to the interview on the WOW blog. At any rate, think of “Nativity” as something of an early Christmas card for my readers. 🙂


“Nevermore” at Daily Science Fiction

My flash fiction piece (or perhaps microfiction, since it’s short even by flash standards) “Nevermore” will be sent out in this Thursday’s email edition of Daily Science Fiction. (Technically, the animal involved in the story is a crow, not a raven, but… well, same family, anyway.)

If you’re not already subscribed to DSF, it’s free, and you get a daily dose of excellent f/sf in your inbox. You can subscribe right on the Daily Science Fiction website — just put in your email address in the right-hand column under “Subscribe.” (Your email won’t be shared, and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

If you don’t want to subscribe, you can still read the story when it’s posted on their website on the 15th.

Hoping to be around with more regular updates once I get back to a normal routine — husband had eye surgery on Friday, so that’s where most of my concerns have been lately…

Black Static #29 now in ebook format

The issue of Black Static containing my horror/dark fantasy short story “Horseman” is now available as an ebook from Amazon:


And from Smashwords:

Either way, the price is the same ($4). You can read a couple reviews of the issue here and here.

“The Bear with the Quantum Heart” in Strange Horizons

They say humans form their first memories at about three years old. I don’t remember when Kayla’s parents first activated me, but I do remember Christmas Eve. My skin was a honey-colored bear cub, all brown eyes and big paws. I was programmed to sing and recite the alphabet, the pad-screens on my paws loaded with scripts to flash colors, letters, and numbers. They tucked me carefully into a big green box with a red bow.

Mom patted me between the ears. “Go to sleep.” The words triggered hibernation mode, and I felt my eyes close.

They hadn’t named me yet. They wanted Kayla to do that herself…

My story “The Bear with the Quantum Heart” is now online in this week’s issue of Strange Horizons. (Squee!) *ahem* You can read it (and comment) here:


Black Static #29 now available

Issue #29 of the UK horror magazine Black Static is now available, which includes my short story “Horseman”:


It’s a print publication which can be ordered direct from the publisher, but it should also be available soon in electronic format from Amazon and Smashwords: