Hero’s Best Friend: Roundtable Interview

I love doing interviews, even if it’s just a pre-written set of questions. And as part of the blog tour for the Hero’s Best Friend anthology, there’s now an author roundtable interview posted in 4 parts at the editor’s blog. (There are a lot of authors in this anthology.)

You can find all my answers — including the all-important Benji vs. Cujo one — here:



Two links: Flash fiction and an interview

My flash fic “The Quiet Dark” is now online at Mustang’s Monster Corral, accompanied by another fun little piece by Ken Goldman. The timing of our submissions was a coincidence, but it looks like we’ve almost wound up with two sides of the same story. 🙂

(Read “The Quiet Dark” at Monster Corral)

In other flash-related news, the interview with me by Women on Writing has now been posted on their blog:

(Read interview)

Haven’t been doing much writing lately, but I did spend a recent afternoon doing some brainstorming/outlining for a novella I’m planning to write this spring. It looks like Camp NaNoWriMo has scheduled this year’s two sessions for April and July, so I’m figuring on getting a solid draft banged out during April…


Interview from August

I’ve been going back through my entries here on Dreamwidth (possibly getting ready to move this blog to another site; we’ll see), and I just realized that though I must have posted it to Twitter, I never posted the link here to my second interview with Jon Gibbs, after winning his Meager Puddle of Limelight Award for Best Short Story Title this year.

In this case, my winning title was “The Bear with the Clockwork Heart,” though the story wound up actually published under the title “The Bear with the Quantum Heart”.

The interview was originally posted August 1st and can be read here: