What I learned from The Sketchbook Project

Meant to post this a few days ago but didn’t get to it, so better late than never. 🙂

The Sketchbook Project is done, and they’re now getting the sketchbooks checked in and ready to go on tour. Originally we had to postmark them by the 15th, but thankfully they extended the deadline to the 18th because of the various weather issues going on around the country that were slowing things down, which gave me enough time to finish a couple more pages than I’d expected.

I don’t have any pictures/scans of the interior pages, but as soon as they get the ordering system up, I’ll be paying for them to scan the book and (as I understand it) have it available via their website for anyone to view.

Now the introspective part (taken from my paper journal):

What I Learned From the Sketchbook Project